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Goopy Performance Rotor Housing Refurbishing
Cost Effective Solution for these Economic Times!

In today's economy everyone is looking for cost effective solutions and the best way to get maximum performance for their dollar spent. That was Goopy Performance's thinking and objective behind our Rotor Housing Refurbishing Service.

Goopy Performance Rotor Housing Refurbishing Service is 10-15% of the Cost of Replacement!

When any of us consider rebuilding a rotary engine, the condition of the housings is a key factor. Up until now the options have been either use your housings as is, or buy new housings at the cost of approximately $1,300 per pair or more.
If porting had already been done on these housings, the real cost of replacement could include an additional $200 to $400.

Goopy Performance's Refurbishing process provides a solution at approximately 10% to 15% of the cost of replacement. While not providing a 100% new surface for your apex seals to break into a "like new" surface in the very high 90 percentile (95-99%) is provided in most cases.

Here is an attempt to answer most of the questions that have been posted on various forums recently ...
Goopy Performance Rotor Housing Refurbishing
  • We are NOT resurfacing or adding new material to the housings. We are refurbishing or refreshing the existing hard chrome surface.
  • NO we do not have data or photos showing results after 20,000 miles. However, we have had very high HP racers running our refurbished housings with our Goopy Performance Apex Seals for a full race season (40-50+ passes) while maintaining very high compression and no housing damage of any kind.
  • PRICING INFORMATION: As of February 15, 2011 (2-15-11) the standard PRICING is $300 US per pair of housings with the customer paying for the shipping to and from Goopy Performance. This price includes media blasting of the housings to achieve the "like new" appearance as seen in our photos. Please do not send dirty, greasy housings or there will be an additional $25 “Cleaning Fee”.
  • ORIGINAL $150 US per pair PRICING ... will continue to be honored when a minimum purchase of one set of Goopy Performance Apex Seals accompanies the order for EACH PAIR OF HOUSINGS that are to be refurbished. You will also have the option to order other Goopy Performance parts or kits valued at $350 US or more.
  • Our refurbishing process greatly improves all of the conditions mentioned in various different posts ... scratches, scoring, gauling and flaking edges. Our process provides a relatively flat, uniform, matte housing surface for your new seals to break-in to. The true measure of the effectiveness of the process is the compression numbers that are achieved when your engine is rebuilt, not just how the housings look. Our experience with our refurbishing along with using our Goopy Performance Apex Seals is that we have consistently produced compression readings at or above factory stock specifications.
  • The SIDE PIECE on the Goopy Performance Apex Seals does not come to such a sharp point at the housing surface like if does on many other apex seal designs. We believe this design improvement yields less wear and deterioration at the housing edges that cause potential compression leakage.
  • In most cases the amount of material removed to achieve these “like new” results is relatively insignificant. In our experience, utilizing our Goopy Performance Apex Seals which are manufactured at the same height as OEM seals, we have not experienced any issues due to the removal of this minimal amount of material.
  • If you are unsure if your housings are candidates for our refurbishing process please send photos and description to info@goopyperformance.com before expending your time and resources on packing and shipping.
  • However, if we receive housings that we consider to be beyond repair with our process, we will notify you before any work is done.
  • We provide our housing refurbishing service on all models and vintages of rotor housings.